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If you are having any unexplained eye discomfort, remove your lenses immediately and consult your eye care professional.
Throw away your old dirty lens case.
It is most likely contaminated and harbors bacteria that
is bad for your eyes.
Switch to the Novelens case and feel the fresh lens comfort every day.

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Novelens ®
The revolutionary new Novelens case featured
a patented Dual Chamber design that drains deposits away from your lenses.
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How Novelens can help you?

Novelens® was designed to answer probably the most overlooked element of routine lens care: taking care of your lenses storage case.

Standard contact lens cases accumulating Biofilm and harbor harmful Bacteria that your contact lens solution will soak into your contact lens. Many of the cases become contaminated within few days, and the incidence of growth was even higher in the group of noncompliant users.

Your average "contact lens online" store (or any other store, for that matter) won't have an answer to this dilemma. Our revolutionary new lens case is probably one of the most important contact lens accessories you'll ever buy. In addition to cleaning your lenses, its Dual Chamber design drains contaminant deposits away from your lenses, and let your lenses to flex and refresh in the clean solution. For better contact lens care, our contact lens care products speak for themselves. When you properly take care of a contact lens, eye care is ultimately improved. Our lens case is, you might say, one of the most important "contact lens solutions" to become available since contact lenses were invented!

Novelens® case is the only contact lens case features Hydro Action cleaning combined with Dual Chamber contaminants separation mechanism; its unique design effectively improves contacts lens care. It reduces bacteria load from the lens surface as well as from the soaking solution, and it is completely hands free, thus making the user absolutely compliant.

Novelens® is an applicable lens case for all contact lenses, clear, colored, spherical, astigmatism, and hard contact lenses; it’s effortless to use, effective, and economically.

You should know that clean contact lenses are essential to preventing contact lens related complications. Clean lenses are more comfortable to wear, extend daily wear time, and helping you keeps healthier oculars.

Although many contact lens users like to name their lenses as disposable lenses, they are practically "re-usable" contact lenses. Therefore, you must properly care for your contact lenses and condition them in a clean lens case, filled with fresh solution, every day, before you place your lenses back into your eyes. It is that simple.

The contact lens solution is an important part in proper lens care; re-use of the spent solution is bad practice which often leads to contact lens discomfort and ocular complications. The Novelens® case was designed to preventing you from re-using the spent solution, providing you the essentials for better contact lens care.

Remember, if your lenses are not thrown away, you should daily clean them and soak them in fresh solution!

You are not alone; here are some facts about contact lenses:
Contact lenses have become a part of our modern lifestyle, where the extensive contact lens wearers are in the US.
The contact lens population has risen above 75 million wearers; about half in the US and the rest are worldwide.
Contact lens population is broken down to nearly 5% Hard contact lenses, and about 5% are true daily disposable contacts.
The rest are Soft contact lens wearers on different replacement programs, which means that you must replace your contact lenses within one week to three months time.
If you wear contact lenses and want to
keep healthy eyes, get yourself the Novelens case
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